Aircrew Loss of Licence Insurance


Pilots undertake years of training and incur considerable expense to obtain their licence. Being a professional pilot is a demanding career, and there are few occupations that are subject to such stringent health requirements. A slight medical deficiency could ground you indefinitely, resulting in a loss of income which could see both you and your family suffer financial hardship. Loss of Licence Insurance provides security and peace of mind by helping to ease the financial burden caused by loss of income in the event that a pilot loses their Australian aviation medical as a result of accident or illness.

The Air Pilots Award 2020 (MA000046), which is enforceable under the Fair Work Act 2009, currently requires an employer to pay to each pilot on permanent hire an annual allowance of up to A$2,364 to assist the pilot to hold adequate insurance against loss of licence.


Austbrokers ABS Aviation is a referral partner of Aircrew Insurance Pty Ltd, who specialise in the design and delivery of Loss of Licence insurance solutions to individual professional pilots and aviation organisations.

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