Drones/UAVs/RPAs are the aerospace industry’s most dynamic growth sector. Operating a drone presents a unique set of risks which need to be fully understood and addressed in order to minimise the exposures involved. Austbrokers ABS Aviation are a specialist aviation insurance broker – our staff having over 60 years combined experience in the aviation insurance industry.

In conjunction with a large global Insurer, Austbrokers Aviation have negotiated an exclusive insurance facility for CASA Certified UAV operators which we believe provides the broadest cover available in the market. Some details of the policy are as follows:

Who can be covered

Our insurance coverage is only available to CASA Certified drone operators. All controllers must hold a Remote Pilot’s Licence (RePL) and all operations must be performed under a valid Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC).

Unfortunately, we cannot offer insurance coverage to:
  • Hobby/recreational drone operators, or
  • Sub-2kg (excluded category) drone operators.

What is covered

Provided the drone is operated in accordance with all CASA regulations and as per your ReOC, our policy will automatically cover you for any operations. Unlike other Insurers, we have no exclusions for crowded/sporting events, powerline inspection or agricultural spraying. All these activities are included automatically in our policy for no additional cost.

Public Liability
  • One premium covers the operation of up to 5 x UAVs (not one premium for each UAV)
  • Cover available for standard limits of either AUD 10,000,000 or AUD 20,000,000 (but we can arrange cover for higher limits if required)
'Hull' (cover for loss of or damage to UAVs and equipment)
  • Cover available for all makes/models/values of UAVs
  • Cover available for all equipment used in conjunction with UAVs (cameras etc.)
  • Cover applies in whilst in flight, on the ground and in transit.
  • Cover can be extended (with Insurer’s approval) to include overseas operations.
  • Monthly payment option available.
  • Two staff members dedicated solely to servicing drone operators.
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Austbrokers ABS Aviation are a member of Australian Certified UAV Operators Inc. (ACUO)

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