Aircrew Personal Accident Insurance


Pilot Personal Accident Insurance covers injury (fatal or otherwise) to a pilot and is not subject to fault or liability. A professionally employed pilot may be covered by Workers Compensation whilst at work but not away from work, and a "private" pilot has no such cover at all. Personal Accident insurance will provide financial support and assistance to a pilot and their family in the event of an accident.

The Air Pilots Award 2020 (MA000046), which is enforceable under the Fair Work Act 2009, currently requires an employer to provide each of their pilots with accident insurance as follows:
  1. Death benefit of not less than A$ 97,402 for pilots engaged in aerial application operations and A$ 350,641 for all other pilots.
  2. Accidental death or accidental total and permanent disability benefit of not less than A$ 312,800 for employees engaged as helicopter aircrew.
If you are an individual pilot who is interested in this policy, we recommend reaching out to Agile Aviation OR Aircrew Insurance as follows: OR

If you are interested in a group Personal Accident insurance policy, please contact Sarah Massoud on (02) 8567 3158 or